Huel Hot and Savoury flavour reviews

Posted on Jan 9, 2023

Recently I’ve been looking for a way to have hot, quick dinners but also be able to easily track calorie and macro consumption. I saw Huel had started offering a “Hot and Savoury” range, and was curious enough to give it a go.

I’ve generally found them quite edible, it’s certainly not the same as a normal home-cooked meal however its definitely easier and has probably resulted in me eating a load more of the nutrients I need to progress my climbing the way I want to.

On the price point, it comes out at about £3 a meal, but the minimum order quantity is about 21 meals worth. For the convenience factor, this is probably worth it for me, but it’s definitely a big investment to try it for the first time.

I’ve gone ahead and noted some of my favourite (and least favourite) flavours below, as well as some tips I had for making them a bit more enjoyable.

Noah’s top tips

I’ve got a few tips for making them a bit more edible:

  • Add more water than they recommend. This is more my preference than anything but I find them way more edible when it’s more like a soup than a sludge.
  • Leave it to sit for 6-7 minutes instead of 5.
  • Try and get a scoop from the bottom of the bag, and a scoop from the top of the bag. This ensures you get a good mix of the ingrediants (and avoids you ending up with a cup of soup).
  • Have a few flavours on hand. You’ll quickly end up hating it if you are eating the same flavour daily.


I’ll try and rank these in my order of preference.

Spaghetti Carbonara

Currently my favourite flavour! It’s a pretty run of the mill carbonara, with small pieces of spaghetti as the carbohydrate. It also comes with some vegan smokey bacon bits - these are great !

I’ve found it’s great by itself.


  • Black pepper !


One of my favourite flavours and also the spiciest one they offer. It mostly tastes of hot, curry and tomato (in that order). This combination is relatively appealing to me, but it might not be to you.

The carbohydrate in it appears to be chunks of sweet potato, which is actually quite nice and filling.

The spiciness of it means it doesn’t really need any modifications.

Pasta Bolognese

A fairly decent tomatoey sauce on some penne like pieces of pasta. It does have a tendency to not rehydrate the pasta all the way, so can be a little crunchy. Make sure to stir well and add a little additional boiling water to avoid this.

It’s a little neutral in flavour, but edible.


  • Black pepper
  • Hot sauce for some kick !

Mac and Cheeze

It’s remarkably edible, and probably the closest Huel Hot and Savoury I’ve had to a real meal I might eat. The carbohydrate is bits of pasta, and this gives you something to actualy chew which is nice. There’s some weird dry chewy bits of tomato they’ve put in, those are weird…

It lacks much flavour, but I find that most real mac and cheese does, and it does have sort of a grainy/fake flavour to it. Add lashings of hot sauce to rectify.


  • Add shit tonnes of your favourite hot sauce
  • Make sure you mix really well when adding water, or you’ll end up with crunchy bits of pasta.

Thai Green

I enjoy the flavour, and it certainly smells a lot like a real thai green curry, however, the lack of any significant chunks of carbohydrate leave it liable to becoming quite sludgy. I might be missing a trick here, but whatever I do, I struggle to find a nice consistency for it. It’s quite spicy, but nowhere near as spicy as the Madras.


  • Benefits from the addition of some lemon or lime juice.